A.M. Capurro & Sons Ltd - working with Jaguar Land Rover since 1933.

A.M. Capurro & Sons Ltd was first established in 1876, supplying coal and later expanding into shipping and insurance. Business in the automotive world began in the 1920’s as importers for the Ford Motor Company – supplying Ford to many of our neighbouring markets. In the mid 1930’s we took on Morris, Triumph, Jaguar (the then British Leyland) and Austin Rover. Later, during WWII the company supplied UK & US forces in North Africa & allied bases in the Western Mediterranean.

In 1948 the Rover company launched the Land Rover Series - this very same year, Capurro became franchised Land Rover dealers for Gibraltar – thereby making us the oldest independently owned Land Rover Importer in Europe.

A.M. Capurro caters for Gibraltar’s most discerning clientele, Tourist and Tax-Free sales in the EU and all Global Diplomatic sales (except UK).

A.M. Capurro has always had its eye on the prize, we look forward to years of innovation and excitement ahead for the Jaguar Land Rover brand – providing clients with uncompromising performance, peerless refinement and second-to-none luxury.